Remote Diagnostic Center

Askalon Remote Diagnostic Center at Hammarö

Askalon Remote Diagnostic Center

From Askalon Remote Diagnostic Center for remote monitoring so we perform diagnostics and analysis of process industry machinery and main valves via the Internet. e-Maintenance!

 • Turbines
 • Compressors
 • Pumps
 • Paper Machinery
 • Diffusing
 • Grinders
 • Steam valves
 • Feedwater Valves
 • Steam Conditioning Vales
 • Pressure regulating valves



We use AMS Suite and CSI analyzors to perform both vibration monitoring and vibration analysis of rotating machinery and valve diagnostics and monitoring of valves.

The connection is made through the secure VPN connection with encryption through firewalls. Often, we use customers' own solutions for remote connectivity.

Remote diagnostics is a great tool for industry to build up its own procedures for condition-based or preventative maintenance which regularly, once a week get help from Askalon experts.

Askalon Remote Diagnostic Center

Askalon Remote Diagnostic Center

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4. We have now connection via Internet.