Education and Courses

An education or training course at Askalon may be the smartest investment you ever made. With increased knowledge of valve diagnostics and vibration analysis can alone improve the plant control loops and prevent costly, unplanned downtime.

Askalon Education Center

Askalon provides an extensive training program for process industry instruments-, maintenance- and project engineers. Here you will learn the bases and deepening of preventive and condition based maintenance in process industries.

In modern lecture rooms in Hammarö outside Karlstad, Askalon continuously offer a series of scheduled courses. On request, we are also able to assist with special programs for customer specific needs and also located in customers' own premises around Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Control valves

 • Calculation, sizing and selection of control valves
 • Fieldvue valve positioners
 • Valve Diagnostics
 • Valve Service
 • AMS Device Manager

Condition Based Maintenance

 • Vibration Technology and vibration analysis
 • CSI 2130 vibration and machine analyzer
 • CSI 4500 online vibration monitoring system
 • CSI 6500 online protection and diagnostic systems
 • AMS Machinery Health Manager


Marie Ögren
Jukka Haikala
Kim Larsen
Frank Beckius
Risto Wallin