​Easy control of steam temperature.

Desuperheaters are used in different applications for reducing the temperature of superheated steam down to saturation temperature or other desired level. With steam that is close to the saturation, it is possible to recover a large part of the energy used in for evaporation. Efficient and accurate cooling is therefore important to obtain high efficiency in heat transfer processes, but also to protect downstream equipment from high temperatures.

Desuperheater are available for installation in pipes from DN 25 to DN 1500 (NPS 1 to NPS 60) and can maintain temperatures down to 6 °C above saturation.
Askalon designs the most effective solution with the control valve as well as the desuperheater to meet the demands of the customers application.


Sören Kindlund
Jukka Haikala
Satu Mäkelä
Per Nordquist