Condition Based Maintenance with AMS Suite

Repair and downtime costs caused by malfunctioning machines and process equipment causes major costs annually. With good control of plant condition in time, you can anticipate problems and plan your maintenance. Askalon help you build the systems and procedures to analyze the status of valves and rotating equipment and prevent unnecessary problems and unplaned shut downs.

Askalon is working with several different techniques for preventive maintenance and conditioning monitoring of rotating machinery:

• Vibration monitoring and vibration analysis with portable instruments CSI2140 Machinery Health Analyzor for routing.
• Balancing and alignment of rotating machinery such as pumps, fans and mills etc.
• Vibration Monitoring online, Condition Monitoring, which continuously monitors machine diagnostics with CSI6500 Machinery Health Monitor.
• Protection systems, Trip systems for turbines, compressors and other rotating turbomachinery with CSI6500.
• Oil analysis, tribology of lubricating oil for the early detection of wear in bearings and gears with CSI5200 Oil Laboratory.
• IR camera, IR camera for thermal imaging of the machine bearings and transformers CSI9800 Machinery Health® Imager
• Vibration sensors, accelerometers and proximity probes and cables for measuring vibration from CTC and CSI.

Valve diagnostics and monitoring of control valves and field instruments with AMS Device Manager.

 • Configuration Utility - For all the "smart" instruments, transmitters, gauges, sensors and valves that communicate with HART or Foundation Fieldbus.
• Alarm monitoring of control valves, flow meters, pressure and temperature transmitters, etc.
• Valve diagnostics of control valves with pneumatic actuators.

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