Valve service and valve diagnostics

Askalon offer the process industry a streamlined cooperation on valve service and maintenance of valves. Valve Diagnostics determines whether you need to disassemble the valve to repair it in the workshop or if you can make the service work with the valve in the pipeline.

In condition-based maintenance are diagnostics essential to estimate precisely the "state" of the valves is, so the optimal valve service can be made.

Askalon was one of the pioneers of valve diagnostics in the first years of the 1990s when we started to do diagnostics on Swedish nuclear power plants. Today are all the Swedish nuclear plants using valve diagnostics with either Fieldvue positioner and AMS Valvelink or with a so-called "Flowscanner".

Ventildiagnostik på Fisher ventil med Fieldvue och AMS Valvelink av Askalon AB


Jukka Haikala
Kimmo Niemitukia
Kim Larsen
Per Locke
Risto Wallin
Gertrud Turzik
Mats Lindgren
Pekka Nikkinen
Miikka Pelho