Valves for the energy- and process industry

Askalon are able to supply our customers with their needs of control valves, shut off valves and safety relief valves abd have the experience and recourses needed to manage everything from standard valves and spare parts to special valve constructions and complex project deliveries.

The demand of the different process conditions and applications in the industry put a challenge on us to have specialist competence in valve performance to allow you as to feel comfortable in discussions in critical projects.

Askalon are able to supply valves in different applications from cryogenic to overheated steam, feed water and low flow chemical control. Advanced control like two-face flow, big pressure drops and cavitation and noise reduction are applications that our engineers optimize. High standards like PED, ASME, leakage classes and material certificates are normal to us.

Emerson acquire Pentair Valves & Controls

Emerson acquire Pentair Valves & Controls

 Fisher reglerventil E-body med 667 pneumatiskt ställdon och Fieldvue DVC6200 ventil lägesställare från Askalon ABVanessa metalltätande on off ventil avstängningsventil handventil med växel eller ställdon från Tyco för Askalon ABCrosby JOS säkerhetsventil övertryck säkerhets ventil från Tyco för Askalon AB