Fisher control valve V200

​ Vee-Ball™  V200 is a flangeless valve for throttling or on-off operation for many different applications in the process industries. The V200 is available in NPS 1 through 10, CL150, CL300 or CL600. Trim components are interchangeable between Design V150, V200 and V300. Excellent for fibrous slurries as well as liquids, gas, and steam. Shearing V-notch ball for smooth, non-clogging action.

(a) Valve body sizes NPS 1 through 10 (DN 25 to DN 250)
(b) Pressure Classes PN 10-40, CL150 and 600
(c) Optimized actuator allows for a wide range of air supply
(d) Engineered for easy maintenance
(e) Maximum part commonality across sizes
(f) Replaceable trim
(g) Low lifetime costs
(h) Robust, low-profile design
(i) Shutoff capabiliti: Class IV


Magnus Dahlén
Joachim Nyqvist
Joakim Karlsson
Jukka Haikala
Kim Larsen
Erik Rune