Fisher control valve V500

​Flanged or flangeless eccentric plug rotary control valve for erosive, coking, and other hard-to-handle fluids. Throttling or on/off. Temperatures from -198 to 538 deg C, depending on materials. This valve is for use in heavy slurry or corrosive applications.

(a) Valve body sizes NPS 1 through 8 (DN 25 to DN 200)
(b) Pressure Classes PN 10-100, CL150 and 600
(c) Resists Damage from Erosive Flow
(d) Long Seat Life
(e) Sour Service Capability
(f) Rugged Construction
(g) Reliable Performance
(h) Easy Installation
(i) Simple Assembly and Maintenance
(j) Available with easy-to-calibrate DVC2000 digital valve controller