Fisher Pressure Relief Regulator MR108

Type MR108 backpressure regulators are direct-operated, high-capacity, multi-purpose regulators.  They are designed to handle pressures up to 400 psig (27,6 bar) and temperatures up to 250°F (121°C). They provide reliable and economical control for different flow media like liquid, air, and gas.  Application includes lube oil systems and any application where speed of response is critical, minimum differential pressure is a concern, or fluid is not free of impurities. 

A Position Monitor Bracket (PMB) is available for the Type MR108 to mount the 4300 Series Wireless Position Monitors to the travel indicator. The PMB mounting kit is compatible with both Topworx® 4310 and Fisher® 4320 Wireless Position Monitors.
(a) Valve body sizes DIN: DN25, DN40, DN50, DN80, DN100 mm.
Valve body sizes ANSI: NPS 1", 1.5", 2", 3", 4" inch.
(b) Pressure Classes DIN: PN 16, 25, 40 Bar.
ANSI: CL 150, 300, 600 # lbs.
(c) End connections: NPT, Raised-face flanged.
(d) Spring range:0.34-20.7 barg (5-300 psig).
(e) Max inlet pressure: 27.6 barg (400 psig).
(f) Max temp: 121 °C.
(g) Class VI Shutoff (soft seat).
(h) Stable.
(i) Fast response.
(j) P1=P2 on High-Pressure Actuator
(k) Visual Travel Indicator.
(l) Able to Pass Large Flow Rates with Minimal Offset from Setpoint.
(m) Steel and Stainless Steel Constructions Meet API 614 Requirements. 
(n) Multiple Trim Materials Available.
(o) Sour gas capability.



Joachim Nyqvist
Joakim Karlsson
Jukka Haikala
Erik Rune


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