Fisher Pressure Reducing Regulator 627

Fisher 627 regulator Askalon AB

627 Series direct-operated pressure reducing regulators are for low-and high-pressure systems. These regulators can be used with natural gas, air or a variety of other gases. Performance characteristics vary according to construction.

(a) Valve body sizes DIN: DN25, DN50.
Valve body sizes ANSI: NPS 0.5", 1", 2" inch.
(b) Pressure Classes DIN: PN 16, 25, 40 Bar.
ANSI: CL 150,  250, 600 # lbs.
(c) End connections: Raised-face flanged, NPT.
(d) Spring range: 0.34-34.5 barg (5-500 psig).
(e) Max inlet pressure: 138 barg (2000 psig).
(f) Max temp: 82°C.
(g) Internal Relief Valve.
(h) Types 627R and 627MR Travel Stop.
(i) Relief Operation Indicator.
(j) Easy to Maintain.
(k) Installation Adaptability.
(l) Application Versatility.
(m) Tamper-Resistant.
(n) Wide Range of Flow Capabilities.
(o) Tight Shutoff Capability.



Joachim Nyqvist
Joakim Karlsson
Jukka Haikala
Erik Rune


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