Fisher Pressure Reducing Regulator 95

Fisher 95H regulator Askalon AB

95 Series regulators are a compact, large-capacity, direct-operated pressure regulators. This product can help solve the toughest pressure control applications. Typical applications include superheated steam, steam injection, steam tracing, nitrogen purging, boiler feed water, process chemicals, cooling water, test fixtures, wash tanks, sterilizers / autoclaves, fuel lines, pneumatic supply, and many others.

(a) Valve body sizes DIN: DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25, DN40, DN50.
Valve body sizes ANSI: NPS 0.25", 0.5", 0.75", 1", 1.5", 2" inch.
(b) Pressure Classes DIN: PN 16, 25, 40 Bar.
ANSI: CL 150, 300 # lbs.
(c) End connections: NPT, Raised-face flanged, ring-type joint, socket-weld.
(d) Spring range:0.14-34.5 barg (2-500 psig).
(e) Max inlet pressure: 41.4 barg (600 psig).
(f) Max temp: 343 °C.
(g) Handwheels.
(h) Versatility.
(i) Tight Shutoff with Elastomer Seats.
(j) Direct-Operated.
(k) Robust.
(l) Rugged Construction.
(m) Differential Pressure Capability.
(n) Special Service Capabilities.
(o) Large Turndown Ratio.
(p) Graphite Gaskets.
(q) Set Pressures to 400 psig (27,6 bar).
(r) Multiple End Connection Options.
(s) Easy Maintenance.


Joachim Nyqvist
Joakim Karlsson
Jukka Haikala
Erik Rune


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