Fisher sanitary pressure reducing regulator SR5

Type SR5 regulator is a compact, large capacity, self-operated pressure reducing regulator. It is designed for use in applications where a sanitary design is essential, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, or food and beverage industries. The unit is available in sizes with end connections that will match up to Tri-Clamp® sanitary fittings. Type SR5 is suitable for use in steam, liquid or gas service.

(a) Valve body sizes DIN: DN15, DN20, DN25, DN40x25, DN40, DN50, DN80 mm.
Valve body sizes ANSI: NPS 0.25", 0.5", 0.75", 1", 1.5"x1", 1.5", 2", 3" inch.
(b) End connections: Tri-Clamp® sanitary fittings.
(c) Spring range: 0.14-9.3 barg (2-135 psig).
(d) Max inlet pressure: 14.5 barg (210 psig).
(e) Max temp: 204°C.
(f) Sanitary Design Standards. 
(g) Large Turndown Ratio.
(h) Highly Stable.
(i) Superior Flow Performance and Accuracy.
(j) Diaphragm Cycle Life.
(k) Wide Control Range.
(l) Tight Shutoff.
(m) Easy Maintenance.
(n) Covered Adjusting Screw.
(o) Self-Draining.
(p)Remote Setpoint Capability.
(q) Optional T-Handle Available.
(r) Clean in Place or Steam in Place.
(s) Nonporous Polished Body and Internals.
(t) Optional Diaphragm Support.



Magnus Dahlén
Joachim Nyqvist
Joakim Karlsson
Jukka Haikala
Kim Larsen
Erik Rune


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