Hindle Ultra-Seal ball valves series 300

A comprehensive range of full bore floating ball valves to ASME standard. Ideal for oil, gas, chemical and other process industries including specially adapted designs for low and high temperature and cryogenic service. Valves are also well suited for abrasive, aggressive and erosive service with a special designed metal to metal seal construction.
Floating ball design for superior, bi-directional shut-off. Flexing seat ring design for superiar shut-off across the range of pressures and for minimum operating torque.
High integrity stem seal minimises the potential for atmospheric leakage. Corrosion resistant trim. Standard valves incorporate balls and stems of stainless steel for long service life.
Fire safe and anti-static design.
Technical data:
(a) Sizes 1/2"to 8"
(b) Pressure rating ANSI 150 and 300
(c) Valve body mtrl: CF8M, WCC, LCC, Duplex, Monel, AB2 (alu bronz)
(d) Seat mtrl: PTFE, carbon filled PTFE, SS316 hard metal alloy coating, carbon filled PEEK
(e) Full bore
(f) Temperature range: cryogenic to 450° C
(g) Flexing seat ring design for superiar shut-off
(h) Advanced packing box system
(i) Fire Safe approval API 607
(j) Anti-static design, ATEX 94/9/EC
(k) Blow-out proof stem design to API 609
(l) Bi-directional shut off
(m) Cryogenic service and testing capability
(n) SIL approval IEC 61508 (ESD applications)
(o) Seat leakage tests API 598, API 6D och EN 12266-1 rate A
(p) Cavity pressure relief to upstream in event of thermal expansion
(q) GOST-R, FSETAN, GGTN certificate for Russia
(r)Face-to-face dimensions to ASME B16.10 eller BS EN 558.


Magnus Dahlén
Joachim Nyqvist
Joakim Karlsson
Jukka Haikala
Kim Larsen
Satu Mäkelä
Erik Rune


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