KTM K-BALL Fig.110-190 series ball valves

A comprehensive range of Utility Ball Valves to suit a wide range of general industrial applications. The range includes valves ideal for general industrial and service applications including water, oil, gas and chemical processes. Certain models also offer designs suitable for more hazardous services such as fuel and inflammable substances.The range includes one, two and three piece ball valve designs with screwed, weld or flanged end connections.
Technical data:
(a) Sizes DN8 - DN300 (1/4"till 12")
(b) Pressure rating ISO EN PN10 - PN63 (ANSI 150 till 300)
(c) One piece valve body or alternatively split body or 3-piece threaded, welded or flanged valve body
(d) 3/4/5-way multi-port designs available
(e) ISO 5211 top mounting plate available, for easy actuation, on selected models
(f) Carbon steel or stainless steel body materials
(g) Reduced and full bore models
(h) Locking facilities on all models
(i) Seat material options available
(j) Fire safe models available
(k) ANSI or DIN flanges
(l) Body construction either investment or sand cast according to model 


Magnus Dahlén
Joachim Nyqvist
Joakim Karlsson
Jukka Haikala
Kim Larsen
Satu Mäkelä
Erik Rune


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