Armatury S43

Shut-off  valves designed for water, steam, gases and other fluids.  The seating surfaces of the wedge are hard faced and proper seating of the wedge is provided for by precision-machined guides in the body. The seat rings are weld deposited in the body and hard-faced.

Yoke-type bonnet or pressure seal bonnet.
Forged body
Material, body: Carbon steel, chrome moly steel  and other
Operation: Handwheel, electrical actuator, pneumatic actuator, remote operation.  Locking device optional
Connections: Flanged or welded ends
Can be equipped with one to three bypass valves
Can be designed with pressure cavity release system in order to protect against overpressurizing of body cavity
DN 65-400, PN160-400
Max temp = 600 °C


Joachim Nyqvist
Joakim Karlsson
Erik Rune


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