Quality and Environment

Askalon quality certificate ISO 9001 logo från LRQA

Quality and Environment

Askalon AB has a certified management system for quality and environment according ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

Askalon business units in Sweden, Finland and Denmark are certified by Lloyd´s LRQA in

Marketing, sales, project execution, engineering, consulting and service for the power and process industry of measuring equipment, valves and  systems for condition monitoring. Design and fabrication of process modules and specialty valves.

  • Nuclear power plant quality auditors reviewing the Askalon's performance every three years.
  • Emerson Process Management revises service operations and issues a so-called Fisher Authorised Service Provider Certificate.

ISO9001 ISO14001 & UKAS Askalon AB är kvalitet och miljö certifierat av Lloyds i Sverige, Finland och Danmark

Askalon is certified for quality
and environment according
ISO 9001 & ISO 14000