Crosby Pressure Safety Relief Valves

Established more than 140 years ago, Crosby has maintained its leadership in overpressure protection. The direct spring-operated safety valves and pressure-relief valves are among the world’s most widely used for oil and gas production and refining, petrochemical and chemical processing, and conventional and nuclear power. With Crosby maintains the industry’s most extensive high-flow facilities for valve testing in air, steam, and water.
A market leader in direct spring PRV technology, Crosby was the first to certify on liquid service and one of only a few in the ASME I and III markets. Since 1874, Crosby direct spring-operated safety and relief valves have been among the world’s most widely used relief valves for gas, liquid, steam, and multi-phase applications in oil and gas production, refining, petrochemical, and chemical processing systems. They are also used for utility and industrial steam generators, and steam systems in power generation facilities.




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