Neotecha valves has a worldwide reputation for reliability in the most severe corrosive applications for the molding technique of applying PFA over a metal core, achieving mechanical strength from the core and chemical resistance from the encapsulation.

After introducing a fully-lined butterfly valve followed by a PFA-lined ball valve, Neotecha achieved another industry first with a fully-lined C-ball valve, increasing the potential from on-off applications to meet the needs of flow control requirements.
Other associated products evolved including ball check valves, sight glasses, and the first in-line sampling valve for hazardous liquids.
The SAPRO® sampling system embodies a unique method of drawing a sample without interrupting the product flow and without risk of leakage or contamination. Neotecha also supplies sampling devices for reactors, tanks, and aseptic applications. All of

Neotecha products are ideal for use in chemical plants, where toxic, corrosive, and noxious media are handled.
Neotecha has been involved in the manufacture of PTFE, TFM, and PFA lined valves and has pioneered the development of valves and fittings for high-corrosive applications.

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