Mats Warnqvist welcomes Morten Noppenau as the new country and sales manager in Denmark

New country manager for Askalon Denmark

We are very happy that Morten Noppenau is the new country and sales manager in Denmark. Morten has worked as an area account manager in Askalon for three years.

- It is very exciting and I’m really looking forward to the new role and the challenges the lies ahead, Morten says.

Morten Noppenau started his career in Askalon in January 2019, as a sales engineer for Askalon flow control products in east Denmark. Morten is a mechanical engineer with a bachelor of engineering, specialized in energy engineering.

Before he came to Askalon, he worked as a technical engineer in the oil and gas sector at Schlumberger in Denmark, with assignments in Europe and Africa.

When the position as country manager became available, Morten was a volunteer and combined his job with being an acting country manager.

- It went well and my colleagues were positive. There has been a lot of new things to consider and tasks that I did not see before when I only did sales. It’s a more comprehensive role than before, with new challenges.

During the process he told CEO Mats Warnqvist that he was interested in the position as country and sales manager for Denmark.

- There were no doubts, Mats Warnqvist says. We are very pleased with Morten and happy to have him onboard in the management team.

Morten will not stop with the sales part now that he is a country manager.

- I don’t want to let that go. It is important that a sales manager both have customers and is interested in the technical part of the business.

What are your biggest challenges?

- To go from being a team member to a team leader, it’s a different role. It is challenging to be a leader for the same team that you were a part of. The relationships has changed, but in not in a negative way. My colleagues have been very positive and I feel very welcomed. They are happy and I feel the support from all of them.

Morten Noppenau is the new country and sales manager in Denmark