Fisher 8560 High Performance butterfly valve

Fisher 8560 High Performance butterfly valve

The Fisher™ 8560 butterfly valve is a reliable, high performance control valve suitable for throttling applications requiring extremely low leakage rates.

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Certifications SIL capable, ATEX, CUTR, PED, CRN, Fugitive Emission, NACE
Critical Service Noise Abatement, Cavitation, Dirty Service, Erosive, Low Flow, General Service
Flow Characteristics Equal Percentage
Material Carbon Steel, Stainless, Duplex, Alloy
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature
Pressure Class PN, ASME
Process Connection Type Flanged
Shutoff Class Class III (FCI 70-2), Class IV (FCI 70-2), Class VI (FCI 70-2)
Valve Size NPS 1, NPS 1-1/2, NPS 2, NPS 3, NPS 4, NPS 6, NPS 8, NPS 10, NPS 12, NPS 16, NPS 20, NPS 24
Valve Size Standard NPS, DN
  • The eccentrically-mounted disk design provides an approximate linear flow characteristic and can be used for throttling or on/off control applications through 90 degrees of disk rotation.
  • Trim and bolting materials are available for applications involving sour service. These constructions comply with the recommendations of NACE MR0175-2002.
  • The optional ENVIRO-SEAL™ packing system is designed with improved sealing, guiding, and loading force transmission. The ENVIRO-SEAL packing system can control emissions to below the Environmental Protection Agency limit of 100 ppm for valves.
  • Standard valve construction includes conductive packing to provide electrical bonding for hazardous area applications.

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