KTM Hindle Model US300 UltraSeal Ball Valves

KTM Hindle Model US300 UltraSeal Ball Valves

KTM™ Hindle Ultra-Seal, a range of two piece full bore, flanged, free floating (seat supported) ball valves, incorporating mounting dimensions to BS EN 15081, featuring soft, metal and carbon seated designs.

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Certifications Lloyd's Register, Fire Safe, CE, American Bureau of Shipping Shipboard, ABS, Fugitive Emission, NACE, PED, Natural Gas Certified
End Connection Flanged
Application Brewing, Boilers, Boiler, Blower, Bioreactor, Biomass Boiler and Power Boiler, Facilities & Process Utilities, Bulk Storage, FPSO, Fuel Gas, Fuel Management Systems, Fueling, Gas Gathering and Compression, General Service, Geothermal, Burner Management Systems, Facilities, Distillation & Fractionation, Distillation, Desalination, Dairy, Custody Transfer Systems, Custody Transfer, Cryogenics and Refrigeration, Corrosive, Compressors , Compression, Combustion, Cogeneration, Clean Steam, City Gates & District Stations, City Gate/Distribution Station, Chillers, Chemical Dispersion, Burners, Liquid Filling, LNG Carrier, Low Temp, Low Temperature, Lube Blending, Refining, Steam Headers, Storage, Storage & Distribution, Storage & Transport, Storage and Distribution, Aviation, Balance of Plant, Batch, Batch Feeders, Beverages, Biofuels
Body Design Long Pattern, Side Entry
Material Stainless Steel, Stainless, Duplex, Carbon Steel, Aluminum Bronze, 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy, Super Duplex, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel
Operating Temperature -330 to 842°F (-200 to 450°C)
Pressure Class ASME
Process Connection Type 150RF, 300RF, CL150RF, CL300RF, Flanged
Seat/Seal Soft, Ball, Cryogenic, High performance, Soft Seal
Shutoff Class Class VI (FCI 70-2), Zero Leakage, API 598
Standards ASME B16.34, API 608
Valve Size NPS 3 / DN 80, NPS 2 / DN 50, NPS 12 / DN 300, NPS 1-1/2 / DN 40, NPS 10 / DN 250, NPS 1/2 / DN 15, NPS 1 / DN 25, NPS 3/4 / DN 20
Valve Size Standard NPS, DN
Valve Type Ball, Ball Valve, Floating Ball Valve
Media Water Glycol, Water, Vacuum, Steam, Specialty Gases, Other, NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia), NH3, Oxygen, Natural Gas, Aggressive Liquids/Gases, Air, Inert Gas, Ammonia, CNG, Cryogenic, Fuel Oil, Hot Water, Light Oil, Liquid, Liquid Propane, Liquid Propane Gas, Liquids, LPG, Mineral Oil
Stem Adjustable packing, Live loaded
  • Two piece full bore design, flanged construction in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys.
  • Designed in accordance with ASME B16.34, BS EN ISO 17292 & ISO 14313/API 6D.
  • Floating ball design for bi-directional shut-off.
  • Flexing soft seat design for superior shut-off across a range of pressures with minimum operating torque.
  • Low temperature and cryogenic designs for service down to -196°C available on request.
  • Spring energized metal and carbon seat designs permitting tight shut-off and positive cavity pressure relief.
  • Fused hard nickel alloy, chromium carbide or tungsten carbide coated seat and ball designs for abrasive and high temperature service.
  • Hard carbon seat design for medium temperature applications.
  • High integrity shaft seal minimizing the potential for atmospheric leakage.
  • Fugitive emission performance to BS EN ISO 15848-2 class A.
  • Corrosion resistant trim. Standard valves incorporate balls and shafts of stainless steel for long service life.
  • Fire test certified. All sizes and pressure ratings are covered by approved certification.

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