Steamtraps & Strainers

Yarway™ steam traps are suitable for a wide range of applications, with in-line repairable options.
Steam traps are essential elements that remove condensate and air, thereby optimizing steam distribution and reducing energy costs. Yarway steam traps have a strong reputation for reliable operation and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Wye type strainers are suitable for use in a variety of fluid systems such as air, chemical, condensate, gas, oil, petroleum or water lines, for the protection of valves, pumps, compressors, condensers, flow meters, nozzles, steam traps and other vulnerable equipment. Thermodynamic steam traps are designed for a variety of high pressure and high capacity applications found in utility, industrial and marine service.

The thermostatic steam traps are ideally suited for use on tubes, coils or heat exchangers, tanks or vats for heating liquids in either batch or continuous operation. The non-repairable drip and tracer steam traps provide protection from condensate damage, temperature fluctuation, solidification, separation, and freezing, for steam lines, turbines, valves, risers, expansion loops, steam jacketing as well as pumps, while maintaining consistent performance in less than ideal conditions.

Yarway steamtraps and strainers

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