Askalon and Vattenfall at TopWorx plant

Askalon and Vattenfall visited TopWorx in USA

Askalon has visited USA together with Vattenfall to do a quality survey at the TopWorx plant in Louisville, Kentucky.
Those who carried out the review from Vattenfall were Andreas Åkerman and Samer AbuRahmeh and from Askalon Mats Görrel.

The purpose of the visit was to check TopWorx’s quality system to ensure that an extremely durable and reliable proximity switch manufactured by Topworx is approved for use in critical functions in Swedish nuclear power plants.

Topworx’s host during the visit was Justin Miller (Quality Coordinator Nuclear) and he had Andrew Volkowitch (Quality Engineer) to assist him. The quality review has been done in a very pleasant and positive spirit. Justin and his colleagues have shown that Topworx has very good quality and document management.

Topworx is a part of Emerson. They manufacture discrete valve controllers and GO™ Switch position sensing for valves and other applications in both conventional industry and nuclear power. In their product portfolio, they have some sensors that can withstand extremely tough environments, which means that they are used in critical functions at Swedish nuclear power plants, amongst other things.

The sensor that this quality survey was mainly concerned with was the GO Switch C7 Nuclear model. The C7 is also tested to withstand plane crashes.

Mats Görrel
Account Manager Nuclear
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