AE Valves Rotary ²XC Double Eccentric C-ball

AE Valves Rotary ²XC Double Eccentric C-ball

Rotary ²XC™ Double Eccentric C-ball “no contact type” is designed to meet the most stringent services. The two vectors movement (rotation/translation) provided by the double eccentricity design allow to open and close the valve without friction or wearing at the seat & “C” contact.

At close, a zero leakage metal to metal seal is formed by cam effect one full order of magnitude greater than the prevailing industry standard (BS6364), assuring an ultra-tight mechanical seal.

Additionally during the closure end, seat is cleaned by sweeping.

Rotary ²XC Double Eccentric “C” ball does not have dead cavity as ball valve. No risk to trap over pressure and/or product in the body cavity.

Reliable dual anti-friction bearing with metallic shield arrangement offer the best protection against particles.

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Services Cryogenic, powder, high velocity, mixed product, fast cycling, ESD, abrasive, vacuum
Class 150 lbs up to 2500 lbs
Temperature Minus 196° C Up to 800° C
Size 1/2″ up to 42″
Material Stainless steel, austenitic-ferritic steel (Duplex), nickel alloys (Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy…), none ferrous metals (Titanium, Zirconium…), low alloy steel, carbon steel



  • Top Entry
  • Bolted bonnet
  • Trunnion-mounted
  • Full or reduced bore
  • Flanged, butt weld, Socket weld ends….
  • Manual or motor operated
  • Metal to metal & soft seats
  • Customized

Material testing:

  • Impact Test
  • MPE (Magnetic Particle Examination)
  • Corrosion Tests
  • Radiographic Examination
  • Micro/Macro Examination
  • LPE (Liquid Penetrant Examination)
  • US (Ultra Sonic)
  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)


  • Jacket
  • Live-load packing
  • Drain plug
  • Drip plate for cryogenic valves
  • Pressure seal bonnet
  • Locking and interlocking device
  • Stem extension
  • Bellows seal


  • Testing according main standard: BS, API, EN,…
  • Third Party: Lloyd’s, DNV, ABS, TÜV, AIB or customer representative
  • Cryogenic
  • Low Temperature
  • HP & LP Gas Test
  • HP & LP Hydro Test
  • HT test

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