Course #1759 ValveLink & Diagnostics for FIELDVUE

Course #1759 ValveLink & Diagnostics for FIELDVUE


This course is designed to teach the techniques necessary to collect and interpret valve diagnostic tests performed using AMS ValveLink™ software.

This 2 days course uses classroom lectures and hands on workshops to teach the student to interpret and analyze diagnostic data obtained using FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controllers and AMS ValveLink™ software. Students will perform diagnostic tests on a variety of valve/actuator combinations and use the data to determine bench set, dynamic error band, seat load, spring rate and other pertinent parameters.

Students will also perform comparison tests on valves/actuators containing assembly or operating flaws and use the data for troubleshooting purposes.

Students who take this course will be able to:

Use/understand diagnostic terminology.
Interpret AMS ValveLink™ diagnostic traces and determine bench set, packing friction, seat load, spring rate, dynamic error band and a number of other common valve parameters.
Use diagnostic traces to troubleshoot problems in valve/actuator assemblies.

Students must have completed courses:

Fundamentals of FIELDVUE™ Digital Instruments & the handheld Communicators (Course #1751) or its equivalent.
ValveLink™ & Diagnostics for FIELDVUE™ -Operations (Course #1752) or its equivalent.

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