Fisher Type 252 Filter

Fisher Type 252 Filter

Fisher™ Type 252 Filter is designed to clean supply gas or air before it enters the pilot on a pilot operated regulator, pneumatic instrument, or other device that requires clean gas to operate properly. An extended length filter is available that has a larger drip chamber to hold more moisture and debris. Filter materials comply with the recommendations of the National Association of Corrosive Engineers (NACE) MR0175.

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Inlet and Outlet Connections Size 1/4 NPT
Maximum Working Pressure Aluminum: 2150 psig / 148 bar
Stainless Steel: 2750 psig / 190 bar
Temperature Capabilities -40° to 180°F / -40° to 82°C
  • Excellent Filtration
  • Optional Drain Valve
  • NACE Contruction Available
  • High Flow Rate

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