KTM Virgo Series N Trunnion Ball Valves

KTM Virgo Series N Trunnion Ball Valves

KTM™ Virgo Series N trunnion mounted ball valves are designed to make maintaining a safe process easier with features like a blowout-proof stem, API 607/6FA fire safety certification, built in antistatic devices, and extra wall thickness for increased corrosion resistance, to name a few. KTM Virgo Series valves have been rigorously evaluated and are SIL 3 capable. These valves have been designed to meet rigorous industry certifications such as API 6D.

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  • Sealant Injection
  • Double Block and Bleed
  • Extra wall thickness for increased corrosion allowance
  • Blowout-proof stem
  • SIL 3 capable
  • Anti-static device maximizes safety
  • API 607 / 6FA / ISO 10497 fire safe certification
  • Low fugitive emissions

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