Anderson Greenwood Y1/BV1/RA Blanketing-regulatorer

Anderson Greenwood Y1/BV1/RA Blanketing-regulatorer

En del av ett komplett system som innehåller en pilotstyrd, kupolladdad membrantypsregulator som kan reducera täckgasen i ett enda steg, vilket ger bubbeltäthet och lågt underhåll.

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Solution Seller
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  • Single unit system lowers installation costs, reducing labor and materials.
  • Simple blanket pressure setting with one unit to calibrate as opposed to conventional multi-unit systems.
  • Reduced maintenance costs as top entry provides access to all internal parts without removal from the line.
  • Optimum performance reduces supply gas pressure from 200 psig (13.8 barg) to ½” wc (1.2 mbarg) in one stage.
  • Balanced design maintains setting accurately regardless of pressure variations.
  • O-ring seat and seals assure bubble-tight shut-off.
  • Single-source solution provides pad and de-pad valves, regulators, pressure/vacuum vents and low pressure pilot operated valves, emergency vents and valves, flame and detonation flame arresters.
  • Combined de-pad and pressure relief valve functions minimizes number of valves and tank connections.
  • Component compatibility enables the provision of all major system components in a single tank penetration.

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