Fisher 1061 pneumatiskt roterande ställdon

Fisher 1061 pneumatiskt roterande ställdon

Fisher™ 1061-ställdonet används för att driva roterbara reglerventiler, såsom Fisher Vee-Ball™-ventiler, excentriska ventiler och vridspjällsventiler. Ställdons-/ventilstommesanslutningen på detta ställdon kan placeras för antingen tryck ner för öppningsläge eller tryck ner för stängningsläge. Dessutom kan 1061-donet användas med en tvåpositions styrsignal för på/av-service eller med en lägesställare för strypningsfunktioner.

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Certifications PED, CRN
Critical Service Steam Conditioning
Flow Characteristics Equal percentage, Modified equal percentage, Linear, Special characterization
Material SA105, F22, F91
Operating Temperature High Temperature
Pressure Class ASME
Process Connection Type Flanged
Shutoff Class Class V (FCI 70-2)
Valve Size NPS 3, NPS 4
Valve Size Standard NPS
  • Custom designed bodies with a probe-style desuperheater, matched with multiple trim styles are able to meet almost any face-to-face, piping, or application requirements.
  • Optimized spray pattern with AF nozzle technology allows for a wide operating range to achieve optimal mixing and quick vaporization at all flowing conditions.
  • Nozzles can be easily removed, maintained, or replaced without having to replace the entire unit.
  • The nozzle mount is engineered to minimize the potential for excitation due to vortex shedding and flow induced vibration.
  • Multiple nozzle configurations are available to provide medium to large amounts of spraywater to cool steam to the required temperature.
  • Uses a forged construction, optimized to move weld joints away from high stress regions.
  • An integral thermal liner inside the desuperheater body pipe minimizes the potential for thermal shock when cool water is introduced.
  • Increased wear-resistance of hardened, stainless steel trim means longer lasting service. When inspection or maintenance is necessary, the body can stay in the pipeline during removal of trim parts. Maintenance is simple and can easily be performed using common tools.
  • Rugged seat guiding and cage guiding provides increased valve plug stability, which reduces vibration and mechanical noise.
  • Valve trim is capable of full pressure drops and, in most cases, common with the Fisher easy-e™ and HP valves which reduces trim inventory costs.

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