Crosby JBS-E

Crosby JBS-E

The Crosby™ SIL 3 pneumatic actuated pressure relief valve is a high performance instrumented solution providing on demand actuation as part of a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) or Controlled Safety Pressure Relief System (CSPRS) reducing the need for emergency blowdown valves, associated piping and additional construction cost.

In addition, the Crosby JBS-E PRV provides standard pressure relief valve protection of the system in the event of an overpressure condition.

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Sizes 1" D 2" to 12" W 16" 25 D 50 to 200 T 250 (EN Type)
Orifices 0.110 to 60.75 in2 [71 to 39.193 mm2]
Inlet ratings ANSI Classes 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
EN Classes PN 10, PN 16, PN 25, PN40
Temperature range -450°F to 1000°F [-268°C to 538°C]
Set pressure 25 to 6000 psig [1.75 to 413.79 barg)
Operating pressure Maximum allowable: 120 psig [8.3 bar]
Minimum recommended: 13 psig [0.9 bar]
Operating temperature limits Standard construction (Viton® O-rings): -15°F to 400°F
[-26°C to 204°C] other materials on request
Pressure connection ½ NPT internal (standard) for instrument air.
(consult factory for other connections)
Sizing Actuators are sized according to valve selection


  • Standard direct spring operated pressure
    relief valve which can be opened on demand
  • Pneumatically operated actuator controlled by pressure, temperature or other remotely sensed process variable
  • Direct inline loading of valve spindle without the use of levers or cams
  • Capable of fully lifting the relief valve independent of process pressure at valve inlet
  • Remote valve lift indication
  • Operation with standard air supply
  • Rugged actuator construction utilizing Stainless materials
  • Available with a wide variety of monitoring options including TopWorx™ GO™ Switchs and Fisher™ position transmitters
    • Certified as a total final element solution for
    SIS – SIL 3 Capable per IEC 61508

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