Valves, valve service and valve diagnostics since 1973

Askalon warehouse

We know that a fast delivery can be crucial for your business. Askalon has a large warehouse located at our headquarters on Hammarö outside Karlstad. We stock both simple and advanced products for fast delivery.

Emerson Local Business Partner

Askalon is Emerson Local Business Partner. We represent all types of valves like control valves, isolation valves, safety valves, regulators and actuators. We have one of the widest range in the world.

Askalon engineering team design solutions

Askalon's engineering team designs solutions for our customers' applications. Based on the customer's requirements, we make suggestions with regard to flows, pressures and temperatures. Here you can read about some of our solutions.

VAG valves

Askalon has the confidence to be the Swedish and Danish supplier of German VAG Group's valves. Thanks to this, we have broadened our range of valves with products for the water and wastewater industry.

For a safe and sustainable future

Askalon cares about the environment and we can help you with your green transformation. We have sustainable products for the production of renewable biofuel, such as HVO, green diesel and hydrogen. Welcome to discuss your fossil free and energy efficient applications with us.

Askalon helps you with the entire project - from maintenace plans to managing your installed base. We are one of the largest service companies with capacity of up to 100 service technicians for service of safety valves, control valves, isolation valves, positioners and actuators.

Askalon education

Through a rich range of education and seminars, we also offer opportunities for continuous skills development of our customers' technicians. Our remote educations makes it possible for you to attend our high-quality trainings from anywhere in the world.


We love technology

Askalon has the skills and resources to carry out the entire design from flow calculations, strength and pressure vessel dimensioning to CAD drawing for manufacturing, welding and mounting.