Instruments & Accessories

Here you will find instruments and accessories for valves. IP transducers convert an electrical signal into a pneumatic. Volume boosters and trip valves are used for valves and actuators. Here are the products that help you maintain normal process operation in applications where a specific valve or actuator action is required. We have volume boosters that are approved for nuclear.

The product portfolio of switchboxes from TopWorx™ ensures safety, reliability, performance and service. The limit switches from GO™ Switch are available in many sizes and models - nuclear rated, approved for safety hazard area and with LED lights to provide visual monitoring - to name a few.

Level controllers are used for measurement in process vessels, storage tanks, oil separation units and for water treatment and the pneumatic regulators regulate pressure in air, gas, steam and various liquids.

We have many different types of instruments and accessories, several of them in our warehouse for fast delivery. Please contact us for more information.


Instrumentation Askalon

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