Askalon is Emerson Local Business Partner (LBP) for all Emerson Valves in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

Askalon is best known for Fisher control valves and service. Today we sell even more – isolation valves and safety valves, at the same time as control valves increase in number. This is a consequence of Emerson’s acquisition of the valve division from Pentair. Askalon has gained confidence from Emerson to sell in Sweden,
Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

We sell and service, among other things, Sempell high pressure valves, Crosby safety valves, Neotecha chemical valves, Keystone actuators and Fisher gas regulators.

Askalon also has a business unit of engineering and pipe construction of skids and process modules. Our service center for valve maintenance, repair and valve diagnostics are located in Hammarö outside of Karlstad, where even our headquarters and newly constructed Training Center is located.

Our customers are fairly evenly distributed within the process industries, which facilitates knowledge sharing and smoothing business cycle fluctuations:

• Power plants and energy plants
• Refineries
• Nuclear plants
• Paper and pulp
• Chemical industry