Askalon has its own design department with the task of designing and building customized process sections. With the customer's requirements as a starting point, we will come up with draft suggestions with regard to flows, pressures and temperatures. The pipe construction is built as modules in our own workshop or directly in the customer's facility.

We design special valves, customize welding ends and cones in different pipe materials and standards such as PED or ASME. In addition, Askalon manufactures diffusers, steam coolers and silencers for many applications in steam, gas and liquids.

Askalon has the skills and resources to perform the entire design from flow calculations, strength and pressure vessel dimensioning including CAD drawing for manufacturing, welding and assembly. All designs are documented according to current standards and Askalon also carries out CE marking. We also have several partners for third party inspection and x-ray and more.

Welcome to discuss your applications and process regulations with us.