We help you overcome the process challenges

Askalon works actively to assist customers to transform to a fossil free and energy efficient production.

We help:

  • oil companies to transform into energy companies with renewable biofuel so they get the right valves for the increased corrosion and can control oscillations in the process
  • power plants and pulp & paper industry to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions with biomass waste or fuel with steam conditioning or carbon capture
  • nuclear industry to rebuild and operate for increased safety and efficiency
  • car industry to electrify by supplying valves for battery and fuel-cell production, and recycling of batteries
  • gas companies to inject biomethane into natural gas grid systems to reduce climate impact
  • chemical industry to grow the share of revenue from sustainable solutions in bio-based products and recycling
  • modernize and expand drinking water distribution network and hydropower
  • we help producers of hydrogen, ammonia and methane gas from Power-to-X electrolysis with cryogenic valves, control valves and safety valves


We assist customers to fulfill safety and climate regulations

We help our customers to:

  • implement Safety Integrity Systems and Levels (SIS and SIL)
  • reduce fugitive emissions according to ISO 15848-1 - the Enviro-Seal packing box - special for hydrogen
  • validate performance of safety relief valves and emergency shutdown valves (ESD) - SESITEST, FIELDVUE-SIS
  • make valve diagnostics to secure performance and to reduce maintenance costs and use of spare parts - FIELDVUE, FlowScanner, QUIKLOOK
  • reduce vibration, cavitation, leakage, and noise in fluid, gas and steam systems - Askalon engineering, Cavitrol, Whisper trim
  • modernize and expand drinking water distribution network and hydro power production - VAG Plunger valves
  • rebuild and operate for increased safety and efficiency - independent cooling systems in the nuclear industry

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Our focus areas

Together with Swedish Almi, we have chosen three focus areas according to UN's Global Goals which we are working extra on.