Keystone F634 Slurry Control Valve

Keystone F634 Slurry Control Valve

Keystone™ F634 is a light/medium duty slurry control valve, short body style. For control of liquids, gases and light slurries.• F634 037 - Scaling service control valve • F634 039 - Slurry control valve.

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End Connection Wafer
Application Erosive, Fluid Control , Metals Processing, Hard Surface
Body Design Short Pattern
Material Cast Iron, Carbon Steel
Pressure Class ASME
Process Connection Type 150RF
Seat/Seal Type Metal
Valve Size Standard DN
Valve Type Butterfly
Media Other
Stem Adjustable packing
  • Robust construction.
  • Bi-directional slurry control valve.
  • Swing through disc for minimum leakage.
  • Extensive size range available.
  • Wafer style body.
  • Adjustable PTFE gland packing.
  • Standardized mounting and drive adaptor connection allowing direct mounting of Keystone actuators and also allows for actuator removal while valve in line.
  • Full repairability with replaceable internals that can significantly extend valve life.
  • F634 037 features SSEC coating to prevent scaling, prevent against corrosion and improve wear resistance.
  • Other coatings available for chemical and abrasive substances.
  • Manufactured under quality system ISO 9001:2000. Certificate No Mel 0400133.
  • Available with PED approval. Cert No: 0038/PED/MUM/0710020/1.

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