Sempell Model AVS 4/5 HP Preheater Protection Valves

Sempell Model AVS 4/5 HP Preheater Protection Valves

Sempell™ model AVS 4/5 HP is a typical feed water heater isolation system.

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Tommi Penttilä
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Certifications ASME B31.1, PED
End Connection Butt Weld
Material Carbon Steel
Operating Temperature High Temperature
Pressure Class ASME, PN
Process Connection Type Threaded, Flanged, Socket Weld, RTJ
Shutoff Class Class V (FCI 70-2)
Valve Size NPS 6 / DN 150, NPS 4 / DN 100, NPS 3 / DN 80, 6 inch (DN150) and Larger
Valve Size Standard NPS, DN
Valve Type Three-Way Valve, Globe, Engineered Product
  • Body of forged steel
  • Body in form piece to reduce a number of welds and fittings
  • Body also available as a single block type – thereby eliminating the nozzle welding seams
  • Fast switch over, in order to avoid damaging further HP feedwater pipes
  • Alternatives with a moderation of the closing speed by means of various solutions. This is then required if it is possible for the water to hit and damage the separation wall of the preheater or if the customer specifies the operating times
  • Simultaneous operation of two main valves with one pilot valve
  • Open the preheater only after equalization of the pressure – increases safety because work is done behind the valve
  • System medium operated - no heavy actuator
  • Alternatives available for selection of the pilot valves

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