Sempell Model 155 high pressure reducing valves

Sempell Model 155 high pressure reducing valves

Sempell™ model 155, angular steam reducing valve, is designed for start-up control and process steam control. An optimum-staged CV-value-series and a large turn-down ratio allow an exact adjustment to the pertaining task. The trim can be easily changed, thus an adjustment to subsequently changed operational conditions is possible. A combination of material choice and multi-stage pressure reduction by a radial cage system ensures high wear resistant in spite of extreme working conditions.

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Risto Wallin
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Size DN 150 to DN 500, NPS 06–20 
Pressure 320 bar, Class 450 
Temperature –29°C to 630°C, –20°F to 1100°F 
Material 1.7380/1.4903/1.4901, SA 182 –F22 /–F91 /–F92
Other materials on request 
Connection Butt weld ends acc. to ASME B16.25 or ISO 9692–1
  • Pressure seal bonnet
  • Low maintenance gland, packing pure graphite (can be retightened)
  • Burnished valve stem
  • Hardfaced guidings
  • Pressure balanced plug
  • Hardfaced sealing surfaces
  • Pre–warming and drain studs
  • Universal connections by various design of welding ends as standard
  • Pickling resistant of trim
  • All usual actuator types can be used

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