Clarkson Model KLB Knife Gate Valve

Clarkson Model KLB Knife Gate Valve

Clarkson™ KLB wafer style linear line blind offers value, high performance and safety in a compact package.

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Shutoff Class Zero Leakage
  • Linear line blind simplifies a difficult, time-consuming process.
  • No need to spread the pipe to blank the line, actuation can be automated.
  • Visual confirmation of the blank from all sides.
  • Standard with closed position dual-function lock-out assembly.
  • Detachable pin removes potential energy from actuator.
  • Lock-out pin prevents unwanted blind movement.
  • 100% isolation-bubble tight shut-off results in absolutely zero downstream leakage, a true man-safe line blind.
  • Patented, field replaceable elastomer sleeves available in a wide range of elastomers to meet varied applications.
  • No seat cavity where solids can collect and prevent full blank closure.
  • Adaptable yoke design featuring a top removal stem nut, can be field modified to an air cylinder or bevel gear in the field.
  • Linear line blinds above NPS 24 are available including sizes up to NPS 54. Contact your sales representative for complete details.

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