Enardo Series 7 In-Line Flame Arrestor

Enardo Series 7 In-Line Flame Arrestor

Enardo™ Series 7 In-Line Flame Arrestors are designed to stop the propagation of confined low-pressure deflagrations. The Series 7 is typically used for end-of-line and near end-of-line applications when the system operating pressure is near atmospheric levels and when there is minimal probability of a flame stabilizing on the flame arrestor element for an extended period.

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Sizes 1" through 48"
Housing Materials Aluminum | Carbon Steel | 304 SS | 316 SS | Hastelloy
Cell Materials Aluminum | 304 SS | 316 SS | Hastelloy
Gas Groups IIA (D) | IIB3 (C) | IIC (B)
Options Drain Plugs, Pressure Taps, Misc Fittings, Protective Coatings, Special Features
  • Maximum Flow
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Bi-Directional
  • Less Maintenance
  • Single Element Design
  • Easily Removable Flame Cell
  • Available with ANSI, DIN and JIS Flanges

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