Keystone 320/322 resilient seated butterfly valve

Keystone 320/322 resilient seated butterfly valve

Keystone™ 320 is an economical resilient seated butterfly valve with dimensions according ISO standards for applications requiring shut-off control in both wafer (Figure 320) and lugged (Figure 322) style. 

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Certifications PED
End Connection Lugged, Wafer
Application Air Circulation, Blowers, Balance of Plant, Chillers , Water distribution, Dryers & Evaporators, Cooling Water , Evaporators & Dryers , Filtration
Material Ductile Iron
Operating Temperature Up to 250 F (120 C)
Pressure Class PN
Process Connection Type PN16
Seat/Seal Type Resilient
Shutoff Class Zero Leakage
Valve Size NPS 6 / DN 150, NPS 8 / DN 200, NPS 4 / DN 100, NPS 3 / DN 80, NPS 12 / DN 300, NPS 2-1/2 / DN 65, NPS 10 / DN 250
Valve Size Standard DN
Valve Type Butterfly
Media Air, Liquids, Water, Water Glycol
Stem O-ring
  • Bubble-tight shut-off at full rating in both directions.
  • One piece, specially profiled, wafer thin disc stem.
  • Extended body neck allows free access to actuator where pipe insulation has been fitted.
  • The seat and disc are the only two parts in contact with the medium.
  • Face to face dimensions according ISO 3202 Part 3, K1 (ISO 5752 series 20) and DIN EN 558-1, series 20.
  • The F320 wafer version has four flange locating holes for end of line service under certain conditions.
  • Suitable for pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuation.
  • Standard actuation:
  • Handle (F414) on DN 50-200 valves.
  • Gear operators (F455) on DN 250-300.
  • The F322 lugged version is suitable for bi-directional end of line service.
  • Suitable for pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuation.

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