Keystone K-LOK Series H High Performance

Keystone K-LOK Series H High Performance

Keystone™ K-LOK offers a high cycle life and a lower cost of ownership due to its unique seat designs which provides bi-directional, drop-tight shutoff in vacuum as well as at full rated differential pressure. Series H2 ASME Class 300 / 50 bar. This product is only available in Europe.

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  • Increased operator safety is provided by a standard blow-out proof shaft which meets the requirements of API 60.
  • Flexibility is provided by a unique packing design which is suitable for both pressure and vacuum without modification or special assembly.
  • Positive shutoff and maximum seat life is achieved due to a cast in disc stop that perfectly aligns the disc into the seat.
  • Reduced downtime and increased valve life is achieved by positioning the bearings close to the disc, providing maximum shaft support.
  • Actuator mounting integrity is increased due to the ability to direct mount to the valve top plate without the use of brackets and couplings.
  • Maintenance of packing is made easy due to an extended neck which allows for clearance of pipe insulation.
  • All valves comply with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), CE marking.

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