Neotecha Model Sapro Tank Sampling

Neotecha Model Sapro Tank Sampling

Neotecha™ Model Sapro tank sampling for representative sampling without process interruption.

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Certifications PED
End Connection Flanged
Body Design Side Entry
Material 316L Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature Less than 150 C
Pressure Class PN
Seat/Seal Type Bellows
Valve Size Standard DN
Valve Type Instrumentation Valve
  • The sampling system assures a ‘true representative sample’ every time without process interruption.
  • The sampling system is offered with either a syringe or bottle collection method.
  • Spring housing is hermetically sealed from the media.
  • Valve is self draining (dead spot free).
  • Bellow sealed spindle seal.
  • The tank sampling is provided with a two step disconnect to ensure that the valve is properly reseated before disconnection.
  • Void between valve and syringe can be rinsed and cleaned.
  • Dry brake connection between Sapro and syringe.
  • The Sapro forms an integrated part with the syringe resulting in a true closed system which allows dangerous, corrosive and toxic liquids or gasses to be taken from a tank without danger to personnel or environment.
  • Tightness according DIN EN 12266-1, leak rate A bubble tight.

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