Yarway Series 40 & 40D Steam Traps

Yarway Series 40 & 40D Steam Traps

Yarway™ series 40 and 40D are designed for use in industrial process applications for pressures up to 600 psi and condensate loads to 80,000 lb/hr. Pressure ratings per ANSI/FCI-69-1. Performance testing per ANSI/ASME PTC-39.1. End connections per ANSI B1.20.1. for threaded ends, per ANSI B16.11 for socketwelding ends, and per ANSI B16.5 for flanged ends.

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Ratings (Design: FCI Class 600):

Series: Size: Pressure Range, psi [bar]: Maximum Temperature, °C:
40D ½ and ¾ 2 to 600 400°
40D 1 5 to 600 400°
40 1½, 2, 3 20 to 600 400°

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