Non-Return (Check) Valves

VAG ZETKA® has a divided disk for shut-off of the pipeline against the return flow. SKR® is a metallic-sealing non-return valve with slanted seat for reducing the closing time. TOP-STOP®, KRV® and RETO-STOP® are resilient seated non-return valves. TOP-STOP has a diaphragm and internal flow guide for the fast and noiseless shut-off against the return flow and KRV has a sinking ball and free flow passage for minimum friction loss. RETO-STOP is a slanted-seat check valve that opens even at low differential pressures. The disk can be used on both sides, which doubles its useful life.

They are suitable for use in water-treatment applications, in water distribution, in power plants and in industry.


VAG Non-Return Valves


VAG check valves

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