FIELDVUE DVC2000 Digital valve controller

FIELDVUE DVC2000 Digital valve controller

The performance and simplicity of the Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ DVC2000 instrument allows for your operation to run closer to setpoint, improving product quality with more accurate control. Using FIELDVUE Performance Diagnostics, valve operation is monitored online to evaluate performance and reliability.

Tests can be performed to identify problems with the entire control valve assembly using ValveLink software. Using valve stem travel feedback, actuator pressure sensor, and other sensors on the instrument, the health of thecontrol valve can be evaluated while the valve is still in service and fully operational. This helps to pinpoint problems without disrupting the process - before the equipment fails.

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Area Classification Intrinsically Safe, Non-incendive for CSA and FM
Communication Protocol HART, 4-20mA Analog
Data Interface Wired
Diagnostics Yes
Input Signal Electric
Max Outlet Pressure 101 psi
Mounting Type Integral Mounted
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature, High Temperature
Position Control Throttling Control, On/Off
Power Source Local
Process Control Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level
Supply Media Air, Natural Gas, Nitrogen
  • The linkage-less feedback system is easy to install. At its very basic functionality, the DVC2000 digital valve controller has a local user interface that will allow you to configure, calibrate, and tune the instrument
  • Years of control experience has brought this product line to a high level of reliability and dependability.
  • The two-stage positioner design provides a mechanical platform that enables responsiveness to small input changes and tighter process control.
  • Tests can be performed to identify problems with the entire control valve assembly using ValveLink™ software, which assists in pinpointing problems without disrupting the process and before the equipment fails.
  • Available with an I/O Options Package which includes two integral limit switches and a stem position transmitter.
  • Features a compact size with multilingual liquid crystal display.
  • Integral mounting is available on Fisher GX, and 657 and 667 size i actuators.

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