Keystone Adjustable Travel Stops (Wafer Style)

Keystone Adjustable Travel Stops (Wafer Style)

Adjustable travel stop and safety lockout device for Keystone™ F79U/E003 - 036 pneumatic actuators.

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Anders Praem
Inside Sales Engineer
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Slawka Pedersen
Inside Sales Manager
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  • Allows simple and easy adjustment of the open and close position of the valve and actuator arrangement.
  • Compact low profile wafer style.
  • Padlocking facility provided as standard.
  • No degrading of valve to actuator connection strength.
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing Keystone valve and F79U/E 003 -012 actuator arrangements.
  • Capable of providing valve locking when the actuator is removed (when fitted with two retaining screws.)

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