KTM Mecafrance 3-piece ball valves & series RA

KTM Mecafrance 3-piece ball valves & series RA

The Series RA is a 3-piece ball valve with swing-out center section for easy seat and gasket replacement. It is available as full and reduced bore with a cast body in either carbon or stainless steel, the ISO top flange allows for easy automation. Butt weld, threaded, socket weld and flanged version. Size range DN8-DN200, pressure range PN10-PN100.

Series RA ball valves are also available with metal seats for corrosive and abrasive services at elevated temperatures up to 400°C. These can be fitted in all standard KTM™ Mecafrance 3-piece ball valves without further modifications.

3-way ball valves are available with L-bore, T-bore, horizontal and vertical connections. They have a cast body in either carbon or stainless steel with full or reduced bore.

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Threaded ends (CBG) BSPP, BSPT according DIN 2999, DIN 259 (CBB) NPT according ANSI B 2.1
Socked weld (CBSW) Female socket weld ANSI B16.11
Butt weld (CBS) ISO, DIN, ASME, OD, extended OD
Flanged (CBF) Cast and forged design EN 1092-1, ANSI 150/300. Standard Face-to-Face according EN 558-1 Series 1
Design codes DIN 3840, EN 13445
DN8-DN32 Forged and cast bodies. Larger sizes in cast body material
Special end connections are available on request  
Pressure rating PN10-PN100
  • ISO top flange according DIN/ISO 5211/DIN 3337 available with or without handle
  • Easy installation of all types of actuators
  • Swing out body for easy maintenance
  • Flexible installation features due to modular design
  • Reduced and full bore options avaliable
  • Stainless and carbon steel trims
  • Forged end connections
  • Cast and forged body materials
  • Wide variety of seat material options available

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