Remote education

A remote education is as good as the traditional one. We offer teacher-led training sessions to you who are end users of our products. These trainings are performed from our Head quarter training centre in Sweden.

We have adapted them, so they fit in a digital form, so you get the same experience and knowledge no matter where you are. The valves in our training centre can be controlled remotely. You can participate from any place, individually or in groups.

You will be invited to the teacher-led platform and log in according to instructions.
Make sure you have the following equipment:
• A computer that is suitable for the course.
• A good internet connection.
• Two screens for the best user experience.
• Camera and a headset.

Please contact us for more information.

The courses offered remotely are:
UF-101 - Fisher Control Valve Engineering
UF-105 - FIELDVUE DVC with ValveLink™ Mobile
UF-106 - Fisher FIELDVUE™ DVC with ValveLink™ Software


Remote education Askalon

Any questions?

Frank Beckius
Education Manager
Phone. +46 54-57 92 36

Marie Ögren
Marketing & Education Coordinator
Phone. +46 54-57 92 11