Askalon and Emerson exhibits together at Nordic Nuclear Forum

Nordic Nuclear Forum gathers the nuclear business for two days at Little Finlandia in Helsinki, Finland. Askalon and Emerson exhibits together again.

It's finally time to meet again! And this time at the newly opened Little Finlandia in Helsinki. Nordic Nuclear Forum takes place June 7th to 9th. The third day is online only.

The event is filled with information, updates, knowledge sharing and insights around the hot topics of nuclear energy lifecycle. The conference will bring a number of international experts on stage to discuss current issues from the entire nuclear life cycle.

Askalon and Emerson have exhibited together before. Elsa Mehto and Risto Wallin (the picture is from Nordic Nuclear Forum 2019) represents the Askalon nuclear team. Welcome to our both to talk about the latest nuclear innovations and technology around valves and related services and equipment.